Review - Bombers Moon at The Lakeside Arts Centre

Lax Parenting has been along to the Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham to see A Bombers Moon by Billy Ivory, here’s her review

Being Nottingham born and bred it's always lovely to see local references on screen and stage. Billy Ivory's latest play has these in abundance and bases this two man show in and around his Southwell birthplace.

Set design is strikingly simple, a room in a nursing home, a ceiling fan that becomes the propeller during WW2 flashbacks, a circular window in the door becomes the 'Bomber's Moon" and a walking stick in silhouette as the gun. During the raids the noise clattered throughout the tiny theatre and the lighting was superb.

The swearing is profuse and unabashed. Jimmy played by the talented Paul Greenwood is an ill old man, ex RAF gunner who takes out the frustrations of his old age and incapacity by being rude and difficult towards his carers. His new carer David acted marvellously by Tim Dantay is a nervous man, recently separated from his wife and eager to please. Jimmy's surliness and awkward questions expose David's many weaknesses that he is trying desperately hard to hide. His faux cheerfulness teamed with the occasional slip of temper and immediate guilt and remorse makes the paring fascinating to observe.

As the relationship between the men builds you witness some touching moments of tenderness, black humour, startling revelations from their pasts and a gritty viewpoint on life post war.

At two and a half hours long this is not for the fidgety of bottom but the dynamic between the two men and some stupendous acting make this a must see production.

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