Review - Architects of Air Luminarium - Levity II

This week is the 6th Lakeside International Children’s Theatre Festival, at the Lakeside Arts Centre in Nottingham.

Last week Midlands Mums had some tickets to giveaway for a few of the events and the winners have kindly written some reviews for us.

Today I bring you the Architects of Air Luminarium, Levity II. Families are being invited to walk inside a gigantic inflatable light structure sprawling across Nottingham’s University Park. The structure, called the luminarium, is 55 metres long and 32 metres wide.  Over 1200 people visited the Luminarium on its opening day.

The first review is from is from Becky Goddard-Hill.

For the third year, Architects of Air and their Luminarium were at Nottingham University’s Lakeside Arts centre. I have missed them this year and luckily this year Midlands Mums had given us complimentary tickets and asked us to review it. Well it would have been rude to refuse!

It is described as:

 Designed by Alan Parkinson a luminarium is a monumental installation that people enter to be immersed in the beauty of colour and light. These magnificent inflatable structures have been seen all over the world, in 35 countries, on 5 continents and since 1992 by over one million people.

It looked completely bonkers form the outside like the kind of bouncy castle Willy Wonka may have designed. But oh inside…………..light  pods, swirls of colour, a slight breeze. You felt like you were in another world. People were lying immersed in colour, cuddling sleeping babies, others were just sat by themselves resting. My two little angels were dashing about chasing pools of colour, almost following rainbows. My  lively little lad was initially trying to bounce off the walls – it did look a bit like a big bouncy castle! and had to be told a few times to chill but he soon relaxed into the cool colourful experience.

I have never experienced anything like this. It was how I imagine a spa in 2050 might be. Magic and almost mystical  for kids and adults alike. Do visit one if it comes near you.  Check out their website for details 

The second review is from Di Mayze

Thank you Midlands Mums for the ticket to Luminarium.  I went with my hubby, 19 week old son Sebbie and his grandparents yesterday.  I wasn't sure how much Sebbie would enjoy it as I disturbed him having a lovely nap in his car seat but as soon as he entered the Luminarium he was captivated!  

I took a photo of him looking very awake in the red room.  

Despite it being really hot he didn't cry once as we explored the rooms, I think he liked the red room best but obviously he can't speak for himself yet, he was also quite vocal in the green room.  We wouldn't have got round to going had we not won a prize and Sebbie's grandparents loved it too so thank you!

I’m so glad you all had a great time. 

Look out for our reviews this week. 

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