Review - My House at the Lakeside Art Centre Nottingham.

MY HOUSE – a review by Becky Goddard-Hill

Performing Arts Workshop at Lakeside Art Centre, Nottingham University June 5 2010 Suitable for ages 18 months - 3yrs and parents/carers.

Created and performed by Andy Manley in association with Starcatchers...

This is how it was advertised:

Come and visit a very special house - where all is not as it seems. 
Watch the rooms and chimneys grow, and see how many shapes and textures you can spot!

Well the show certainly sounded fun!

I took my little girl (aged 2) into a cosy room with pretty cushions in front of a semi circle of chairs. It was all very cosy. In front of us was a man just sitting next to a cardboard box. My daughter looked quite unimpressed. But then he began to play and to explore his cardboard house. He was utterly captivating. The children completely ‘got’ his play and he was as enchanting as a child to watch.  I think what appealed to me as an n adult the most was the absolute joy and fun that he had with a melon, a box and some woolly hats (who needs DS!)
The children were engaged and involved just enough and they watched with delight as the box enabled hide and seek…became a house…opened up to reveal pictures…hid things behind it…could be copied in miniature. It was an exploration of imagination or as Annalise succinctly put it

‘Mummy he’s playing’

At the end the children got to play with the house, eat watermelon and say hello to the performer. It was a gorgeous hour and not one child lost interest. DO go and see this if you get the chance Andy is subtle, engaging and completely in tune with a toddler’s way of being,

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