Review - Sheeptight at the Lakeside Arts Centre

Sheeptight – a review by Becky Goddard-Hill
Saturday 05 June 10.30am,1.30& 3.30pm
Suitable for ages 2 - 4 years and parents/carers

Sheeptight is another play I took my kids to see as part of Wheee! Lakeside's International Children's Festival 2010.. This is how it was advertised

Moon in the sky, story in your ear, boy in bed - and sheep jump over the fence… Good night, sheep tight!

Snuggle up and enjoy Nat Gras’s delightful performance. Specially created for toddlers, this gentle and charming dance theatre about bedtime rituals will bring smiles all round as children and their carers recognise much of their own experience in this performance!

It sounds restful and delightful doesn’t it? I was a bit nervous 2-year-old Annalise and 5-year-old Frankie were all hyper form the sandpit, water tree crafts stations and the general joy of being at Lakeside.  

I needn't have worried. The Sheeptight dancers were magical, completely childlike and just dreamy to watch. Not one of the children made a sound they were completely entranced. The dancers played out a child’s bedtime with grace, humour and references every child could understand. Tents out of sheets, playing with their flannels and getting water on the floor, getting all excited when it was really time to sleep. Parents chuckled with recognition too. An absolutely beautiful introduction to dance that transcended the usually associated barriers of age and sophistication.

Playtime after involved bedtime play, places to sleep, blankies and books by the fire and soap to roll. Marvellous stuff. (Climbing the ladder that was part of the set was not a play option…GET DOWN FRANKIE!!! I shattered the peace a little!)

I loved this and the kids were enthralled.

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