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The lovely Liz from Living with Kids was looking for a family to review Drayton Manor, so as OH had the week off and my brother and sister lived in Tamworth where Drayton Manor is I jumped at the chance.

We went down on the Tuesday and spent the night in the nice hotel in town so we could get to Drayton Manor at a decent time in the morning; we packed a lunch and was ready to go. Now there wasn’t enough room for two children and four adults in the car so OH had to drop me, my sister and my 10 month old niece off, then go back and get my brother, thankfully they are only 10 minutes away. BG went back with daddy as she had just woken from a nap in a foul mood and I had just broken my only pair of sandals I had with me!  OH brought me back a pair with my brother.

I was a little worried how BG would be as this was her first trip to a theme park but she had a great time. The first place we headed to was Thomas Land, which she just loved (trains & cars are her new favourite). As she is small there wasn’t a lot she could go on but we went on the Sodor Classic Cars

And she had her pictures taken with the trains. She spent most of the time shouting “choo choo”.

I’m not as brave as I used to be so I went on the more meek rides like Excalibur which is boat ride with twist, The Pirate adventure which BG liked as well and the Roller Coaster.  My Brother and sister who are more adventurous went on the thrill rides such as Apocalypse - The world's first stand-up tower drop and G-Force  A white-knuckle journey through 385 meters of rolls, tight camelbacks, high backed curves and loops at over 70 kph! I also went on an old fashioned waltzer that me made me feel really sick afterwards.

We took turns watching the BG and B and going on the rides.

The highlight of the trip has to be the Zoo, it has over a 100 species and BG and my Niece B were just fascinated. BG’s favourite where the tigers and the monkeys.

There is a Thomas Playground and Picnic area in the Zoo, we had our lunch there it was a lovely place.

We were only there 5 hours but my god we were shattered by the end of the day, it might not be the biggest theme park but there is so much to do there. It has something for everyone. I spent a fortune in the Thomas gift shop, but BG is now the proud owner of Thomas the Tank Engine and Bertie the Bus which she fell asleep holding!

We went midweek so were really lucky that there were no queues, I imagine it can get quite busy at weekends and in the holidays. We will definitely go back again; hopefully BG will be able to go on a few more rides and maybe I will

To help celebrate Drayton Manors 60th Birthday all people visiting the park during the six week summer holidays (28th July – 4th September) will be able to enter a daily competition to win one of a selection of prizes. These include annual passes to the park, Mega Blocks Thomas & Friends™ toys, K’Nex roller coaster sets, and Thomas the Tank Engine DVD’s. A winner will be chosen each day and will be selected at random from a specially created tombola. 

As an extra bonus, everyone that enters the competitions will also receive a special voucher, enabling one kid to go free when accompanied by two full paying adults visiting the park during September or October 2010

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