Nottingham – child/budget friendly days out

by Becky Goddard-Hill 

Embrace your environment 

I live in Nottingham, a city full of contrast, and it is fabulously fun to have a child here. We have taken our children on walks round Sherwood Forest and tree climbing and boating at the stunning University Lake.

he has been for many rambles and picnics for  at the gorgeous Colwick Park and bike riding at Sherwood Pines. I took my son to the Warhol exhibition at Nottingham Castle when he was just 2 and he didn’t like the funny pictures as they were ‘all the same.’ He liked the ladies with no clothes on that he saw at another exhibition and he was loud and proud in asserting his artistic opinion.

He was terrified by the Gorilla at Wollaton Hall and had picnics whilst staring in awe at the canoes rolling on the slalom course at the National Watersports Centre. He climbed the play castles at Nottingham Castle and he has run through the water fountains in the Old Market Square. He has seen the kite festival at Rushcliffe Country Park and my daughter loves to teddy bears picnic in the willow dens there. 

He has made exciting things happen at Greens Mill Science Museum and he watched the planes take off for hours at East Midlands Airport.
I could go on and on and on. Almost all these activities were free; and all involved no more than 20 minutes of travelling time.
Nottingham is a fantastic place to live and has TONS of free / budget friendly things to do with a little

 It’s a good idea to read your local newspapers ‘what’s on section’, ask at the library, look on local notice boards or check out your nearest tourist information. You’ll suddenly find your local environment has tons more to offer than you thought and you and your toddler can discover it together.  

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