Review - The Bug and the Butterfly by Peut-Etre Theatre

By Becky Goddard-Hill 

Federico Garcia Lorca’s The Butterfly’s Evil Spell - is the inspiration for this piece of children’s theatre for four to seven-year olds. 
I took my daughter Lisi (who is 3) to see The Bug and The Butterfly  at Lakeside Arts Centre at Nottingham University Park last weekend.

As she walked in she looked enchanted by the leaf shaped mats set out for the little ones and the rather odd bug (man) who was crawling around the stage pulling very funny faces!  There was a huge poetry book out on the front of the stage too which she quickly scuttled over too (but I quickly removed her from) It was a simple, pretty colourful set perfect for little eyes.
The content delighted me, love, romance, despair and entrapment but to be honest it was totally over Lisi’s head, My 6 year old wouldn’t have got these ‘poetic’ themes either (he had been enticed away by the snow)  but I don’t think it mattered. She was totally enchanted by the bugs and the beautiful butterfly.
There was lots of gorgeous dance and acrobatic moves and the tiny world of insects was made very human. The music was simply lovely.  As an adult I found the tale delightful but some bits I found quite hard to follow too, Spanish, poetry, heavily accented English, characters that changed without really changing costumes I did find a bit challenging, Kids let themselves flow with their experiences so much better than adults. I got a little caught up in my confusion.
The humour was brilliantly accesible and the children sat very well through this show as they were absorbed (though a few found the bugs a little scary).
Overall an unusual, beautiful, slightly confusing piece of theatre (for adults) the children seemed to adore it!
Lakeside Arts Centre is always a pleasure to visit. The seats are comfortable and the venue is the perfect size for little ones not to feel intimidated. You can have a drink and snacks in the lovely café in which it is situated beforehand and take a stroll around the gorgeous lake and feed the ducks or climb a tree after.

The next fabulous production we are off to see at Lakeside is their Christmas show Them with Frozen Tails  This looks very funny, is WAY cheaper than a pantomime and it is much easier to park here than in Town! Loads of dates over Christmas

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