Them with frozen tales…Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham

I took my 6 year old son and his pal to see Them with frozen tails at Lakeside Arts  in Nottinghgam. Them with Frozen Tails' is Lakeside's Christmas show for 2010. It is a much cheaper alternative to a pantomime  less ‘daft’ and I think maybe more ‘delightful.’

In the show three stories are told, 2 are versions of old folk tales that you will probably know in a way. The two actors bring them to life in a funny and engaging way and the whole audience sat spellbound as the tales unfolded. Wonderful old fashioned storytelling. Lot s of laughs, oohs and ahhs, people being eaten and happy ever afters. The last story to unfold uses the children’s suggestions and ours was a riot. It involved a giraffe who was kind and only ate one person a day and an underwater witch called Dr. Eel Porkpie who was the baddie who won. Our story involved over fishing and hypnotism, it was unique and the kids were amazingly imaginative. The actors bought it all to life beautifully.
We were sat near the bag and my son and his little pal didn’t get to add their contributions even though they raised their hands which they were a little sad about as some kids nearer the front got more than one go. But overall they absolutely loved it. The second it finished my son turned to me and said that was EXCELLENT mummy. High praise indeed. His little pal said he thought it was very funny.

The actors Sarah Goddard and Tom Warwick bounce off each other beautifully and are keeping a record of the fantastic stories the children create on their blog. Well worth popping over to read this blog it’s a celebration of children’s imagination.

.Becky Goddard-Hill

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